Position Description

Fuel Operations Specialist - Fort Worth, TX
Perot Location ALLIANAIR - Alliance Air (278715)
Job Code 406
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Department Overview

Alliance Texas Fuel Services (ATFS) is a subsidiary of Alliance Aviation Services that’s responsible for the safe operation of the City of Fort Worth’s above ground fuel farm located at the Fort Worth Maintenance Base. The fuel farm is comprised of seven fuel tanks totaling just over 200,000 gallons. ATFS primarily provides service to customers by transferring aviation Jet-A fuel from the farm via underground hydrant line to Rolls Royce, the GDC facility and ramp locations. 


Under general direction of the Project Coordinator, performs the duties that are required for aircraft ground handling fueling and fuel farm operations at the Alliance Texas Fueling Services (ATFS). Oversees and coordinates the day to day operation of ATFS. Ensures the fuel farm meets all applicable standards and regulatory guidelines set by the City of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Fire department, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Air Transport Association (ATA103). In addition to his responsibilities at ATFS this role also assists the FBO from time to time with airport operations activities and aircraft servicing. Perform other duties as required.

Alliance Texas Fuel Services actively participates in safety programs to ensure safe and healthy practices in the workplace. Personnel are required to adhere to these safety policies and encouraged to continuously find innovative ways to be more efficient while maintaining to the highest level. 

Major Duties

  • Ensure fuel farm is operational and ready for customer use
  • Complete Daily Checklist on assigned shifts.
  • Compliance with all applicable ATA 103 guidelines     
  • Compliance with all NFPA 407 guidelines
  • Mil-std-1548h          
  • Order, maintain and record fuel inventory   
  • Clean and maintain all ground handling equipment and vehicles
  • Attend scheduled company meetings throughout the year
  • Assist with loading and unloading cargo operations as needed
  • Assist with FBO operations as needed during high levels of activity and special events      

Equipment and Software Used

  • Fuel Management Software
  • Multitude of aircraft ground support equipment
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Outlook
  • Copy Machine
  • Fax Machine
  • VHF Aircraft Radios

Job Requirements & Expectations

  • Highschool diploma, some college
  • Must be able to communicate verbally and in written form. Due to the technical nature of this job strong communication and computer skills are important.
  • Fuel Farm operations, fuel quality assurance, mechanical experience and forklift experience preferred.
  • Must be able to work alone and track projects to completion without direction.

Uniform & Appearance Expectations

This position requires a uniform be wore at all times during the assigned shift. Uniforms will be provided, along with boots, coats, raingear gloves and personal protection equipment. Uniforms must be kept in good condition, shirts tucked in and boots in good condition. All personnel will adhere to the Associates Handbook on grooming standards and acceptable dress code.

Facial Hair

Facial hair including mustaches and beards are not permitted. Male associates are expected to be clean shaven every day. Sideburns should be neatly trimmed, straight, even width, and are not permitted to extend past the bottom of the earlobe. They should blend naturally from the hair.


Visible Tattoos are not accepted. All tattoos must be covered by a band aid or tattoo cover up.

Work schedule

This position requires full time employment of a minimum of 40 hours a week. Shifts include 1st (0600-1430), 2nd (1400-2230) and 3rd (2200-0630). Personnel may have to work holidays and additional hours when needed. In addition, overtime maybe expected during special events or high activity situations. Advance notice will be given when possible; however, the candidate should acknowledge that no-notice overtime will be needed on occasion. Management will prevent this as much as a possible. 

Cell phone policy

This position requires all personnel to participate with the on-call policy. While on-call personnel are subject to participate in after hour activity if needed. Personnel are expected to respond to all calls in a timely manner. It is understood that they are some exceptions to this requirement. Vacations and family emergencies qualify as times where a timely response is not expected.


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