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Medical Lab Instructor - Part Time

Location: Pasco, WA
Department: A - BLN - Education - Instructional
Employment duration: part_time
# of openings: 1


Position Description

Responsible for all laboratory instruction of students in all courses where applicable in accordance with established policies, procedures and established Charter College requirements.

This position reports to the Program Manager.



  • Assist online instructor in student retention efforts. Lab Instructors are expected to encourage and maintain participation of all students on your roster, and promptly identify and assist “at risk” students, referring these students for appropriate assistance.
  • Provide all laboratory and clinical instruction according to the required curriculum.
  • Follow current course outlines, objectives, and evaluation mechanisms for the program and/or develop such when indicated by the Program Manager.
  • Maintain a lesson plan of daily instructional events.
  • Monitor student attendance and retention and document as required by the administration.
  • Grade clinical assignments and lab participation, return graded assignments and relevant feedback to students. Coordinate with the online instructor of the course to submit final grades in a timely manner.
  • Provide educational assistance to students during regularly scheduled times (i.e., office hours) or by appointment.
  • Substitute in classes when necessary.
  • Advise students as it relates to school policies, satisfactory performance, etc. Maintain communication with Program Manager regarding such activity.
  • Submit in writing supply, and equipment needs to the Lead Instructor or Program Manager.
  • Monitor all equipment and supply inventory in locked facilities.
  • Secure consumable supplies as well as educational materials from administrative office when needed.
  • Maintain professional appearance.
  • Communicate with Lead Instructor, Program Manager and Student Academic Advisor on all issues related to students. 
  • Maintain professional expertise (faculty development) to meet accreditation standards by attending educational seminars in professional field, reading current literature, attending online courses, etc.
  • Ensure that students follow the catalog guidelines daily.
  • Attend all scheduled mandatory meetings.
  • Serve on committees (e.g., curriculum development, retention, etc) as assigned based upon expertise or campus needs.
  • Perform other duties as required.



  • Nationally Certified Medical Assistant Certification Required
  • Experience with EKG's, Phlebotomy, Billing/Coding and Electronic Heath Records Required
  • 2 years experience as a Medical Assistant Required


  • Lab Instructors – Hourly Non - Exempt in California or a Pay By Course position (all other)
  • Compensation dependent on experience, knowledge and education level


  1. Lab Instructors in California will be clocking in and out for all time worked.
  2. Lab Instructors in all other locations are paid on a pay by course basis and will receive compensation during the regular pay date in accordance with pay earned during that pay period.
    1. Pay by course adjunct instructors will not use the “Time and Attendance” automated process. No time will be recorded this way.
  3. All Lab instructors will be held to the additional items listed below Job description as described below.


This appointment does not guarantee any fixed number of teaching assignments during the period of appointment nor does it require that the faculty member accept any particular number of teaching assignments. Rather the appointment states the expectations and requirements of both parties for each teaching assignment offered by Charter College and accepted by the faculty member.

Each accepted and worked teaching assignment will be paid for as the agreed upon amount designated in the adjunct instructors accepted offer letter. Pay dates associated with each teaching module are available at the campus from the Program Manager or Campus President.

Prior to the start of every teaching module, campus administrators will contact the adjunct faculty needed to teach for that period of time and offer a particular class or classes. The faculty member will respond with confirmation that (a) clearly accepts all classes offered; (b) clearly identifies specific courses accepted and not accepted; or (c) declines to teach any courses for that particular module.

This position is based upon and subject to the following conditions:

  • Satisfactory Enrollment – in the event that the course enrollment falls below the minimum, the decision to proceed with the course will be determined by the Program Manager.
  • If a full-time faculty member becomes available to teach the course prior to the start of the module, this offer will be withdrawn and you will be notified prior to the first class day and no later than the end of the first week of classes.
  • All Lab Instructors are responsible to meet their scheduled classes according to the published times, days, and assigned room.
  • As with holidays that fall during the module, course sessions cancelled by the campus administration for extraordinary reasons (e.g. severe weather) will be rescheduled per the Campus President and the Lab Instructor must add such days to the work schedule.
  • If the faculty member must be absent or late for a class for any reason, she/he must find an acceptable replacement or substitute and ensure that they notify and get approval from the Program Manager.
  • If a course is cancelled at any time after the first meeting with the class, the Lab Instructor will either be paid for the hours they have worked (CA) or be paid a prorated daily rate for classroom instruction performed for that course (Pay By Course). If any course included in this agreement is cancelled at any time during the module, payment for that particular course automatically terminates. Grades must be submitted within 72 hours after the last day of the mod. The Lab Instructor must maintain grade records where appropriate and submit final grades by the stated deadline and failure to do so may result in non-reassignment.
  • The Lab Instructor under this agreement should not assume non-teaching duties of full time instructors including but not limited to sitting on committees, selecting textbooks or developing courses and programs without the approval of the Program Manager.
  • The Lab Instructor teaching performance is subject to evaluation as determined by the College during the module governed by this agreement using the College designated student evaluation documents. Additional evaluation tools or methods may be used as determined by the College.
    • A faculty member has both a campus and program of record. Charter College anticipates that the majority of courses offered to teach to the faculty member will be at that campus and in that subject area. If the faculty member is academically qualified, he/she may be offered the opportunity to teach courses in other programs of Charter College
    • If the faculty member is qualified to teach online courses, or if the faculty member lives within commuting distance to more than one Charter College campus, the faculty member may be offered to teach courses outside of her/his campus of record. Such assignments should be offered and accepted only with the permission/acknowledgment of the Campus President and Program Manager at the campus of record.



           We are committed to diversity. Charter College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  (EOE)

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