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Show Producer
Company Power106
City Burbank
State/Territory CA
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This position is located in Burbank, CA

Managing every facet of a 5 day a week  show.  Attention to detail, delegation, and intense planning as well as managerial and motivational skills are required. Complete accountability. The ability to constantly evolve the show utilizing new characters and ideas.

Job duties:                    

  • Plan, prepare and execute 5 hours (1 pre-recorded) of content every day.
  • Catalog and maintain show logs, interview and bit content, and airchecks.
  • Screen, select and book all talent using music director, program director, and marketing director to complement the effort.
  • Direct and delegate to all morning show members through meetings and one on one’s as to their specific measurable daily contributions to the show.  Must show a true understanding of pop culture that is key to our target demo.
  • Maintain production schedule for bits and the timely airing of all topical “a” bits.
  • Responsibility holder for all in studio aspects of the morning show’s execution.
    • Sponsors and promos run accurately (no unlogged plugs)
    • Manage guests and the length/type of appearance.
    • Maintain integrity of contest execution, music log.
    • Motivate talent for maximum on air performance.
  • Communicate to all station department heads so that they are “in the loop” for what’s ahead on the show in the days and weeks to come.  Make yourself available to sit in on promotion meetings to pitch or be pitched on station sponsor requests.
  • Maintain and order all morning show equipment.

Performance measurement:

  • By PD’s assessment of not missing any major target demo stories, and maximizing the ones that are chosen.
  • To be kept so in the loop so that the PD can make pre-suggestions and brainstorm ideas upfront instead of just post-mortems.
  • The amount of buzz material, guests, morning show members generate.
  • The amount of tv and press morning show generates.
  • Year to year target demo ranking performance 18-34a.
  • Performance review
  • Mentions in recaps


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