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Assay Development Intern 19-INT-T006 San Jose, CA
Associate Scientist 19-RS-018 San Jose, CA
Automation Specialist 19-MGI-038 Frankfurt, Germany
Automation Specialist 19-MGI-039 London, UK
Automation Specialist 19-MGI-040 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contract Manager – Global Supply Chain 19-BGIRU-002 San Jose, CA
Director/Manager, Business Development (Europe) 19-MGI-035 Frankfurt, Germany
Director/Manager, Business Development (Europe) 19-MGI-036 London, UK
Director/Manager, Business Development (Europe) 19-MGI-037 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Field Application Scientist (Cape Town, South Africa) 19-MGI-030 Cape Town, South Africa
Field Application Scientist (Russia) 19-MGI-029 Moscow, Russia
Field Application Scientist (Spain) 19-MGI-047 Madrid, Spain
Field Application Scientist Manager (Denmark) 19-MGI-028 Copenhagen, Denmark
Field Application Scientist Manager (Finland) 19-MGI-043 Finland
Field Application Scientist Manager (Iceland) 19-MGI-044 Iceland
Field Application Scientist Manager (Ireland) 19-MGI-045 Ireland
Field Application Scientist Manager (Norway) 19-MGI-046 Norway
Field Application Scientist Manager (Sweden) 18-MGI-025 Stockholm, Sweden
Field Bioinformatics Scientist(Sweden) 19-MGI-025 Stockholm, Sweden
Field Service Engineer (Montreal) 19-MGI-022 Montreal, Canada
Field Service Engineer (San Jose) 19-MGI-021 San Jose, CA
Field Service Engineer (Toronto) 19-MGI-023 Toronto, Canada
Intern, Engineering (Full Time) 19-INT-009 San Jose, CA
Lab Technician 19-BGI-MAT-01 San Jose, CA
Lab Technician 19-MGI-041 Riga, Latvia
Manufacturing Intern 19-BGIRU-T007 Sunnyvale, CA
Optical Engineer 19-PD-011 San Jose, CA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Associate Scientist 19-RS-008 San Jose, CA
Postdoctoral Scientist Fellow, Genome Engineering 19-BGIRU-010 San Jose, CA
Regional Manager, Field Service (San Jose, CA) 19-MGI-002 San Jose, CA
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (Denmark) 18-MGI-013 Copenhagen, Denmark
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (France) 19-MGI-031 France
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (Frankfurt) 18-MGI-011 Frankfurt, Germany
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (Munich) 18-MGI-012 Munich, Germany
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (North UK) 19-MGI-024 London, UK
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (Norway) 19-MGI-042 Norway
Regional Sales Manager, NGS Instrument (Paris) 18-MGI-010 Paris, France
Regulatory Affairs Manager 19-MGI-017 San Jose, CA
Regulatory Affairs Manager(Riga, Latvia) 19-MGI-020 Riga, Latvia
Regulatory Affairs Specialist 19-MGI-018 San Jose, CA
Regulatory Affairs Specialist(Riga, Latvia) 19-MGI-019 Riga, Latvia
Senior Manager/Director, Systems Engineering 19-PD-012 San Jose, CA
Sr. Microfluidic R&D Engineer 19-PD-002 Sunnyvale, CA
Sr. Regional Sales Manager/Director (San Jose, CA) 19-MGI-013 San Jose, CA
Sr Project Manager 19-BGIRU-003 San Jose, CA
Sr Technical Sales Specialist (Houston, TX) 19-MGI-008 Houston, Texas
Staff/Senior Mechanical Engineer 18-PD-019 San Jose, CA
Staff Software Engineer Algorithms / Optimization 18-PD-006 San Jose, CA
Technical Sales Specialist (Los Angeles, CA) 19-MGI- 004 California
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