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Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer

Location: 1525
Department: Clinical Investigations
Job Code: 575
Pay range: $180,000-$225,000
Employment duration: Full time
# of openings: 1


Whitman-Walker envisions a society where all persons are seen for who they are, treated with dignity and respect, and afforded equal opportunity to health and wellbeing. Through care, advocacy, research, and education, we empower all persons to live healthy, love openly, and achieve equality and inclusion. For over 40 years, we have been meeting the needs of our communities with the endless dedication of our diverse teams.

Whitman-Walker Health System was formed in 2017 as part of a strategic restructuring of Whitman-Walker Clinic, Inc. dba Whitman-Walker Health. This community health system’s purpose is to advance Whitman-Walker’s vision through a more diversified and financially sustainable business model. The community health system is comprised of the following corporate entities (jointly referred to as the "Health System"):

(1) Whitman-Walker Health System

(2) Whitman-Walker Institute

(3) Whitman-Walker Foundation

(4) Whitman-Walker Real Property Holdings

About Whitman-Walker Institute

Whitman-Walker Institute (Institute) is organized as a 501(c)(3) charitable entity under IRS regulations. The Institute’s mission is to expand the body of knowledge needed to strengthen Whitman-Walker’s programmatic foundation of care, advocacy, research and education. Through such learning, we empower all persons to live health, love openly, and achieve equality and inclusion.

Relationship to Whitman-Walker Clinic, Inc. dba Whitman-Walker Health

The Institute is also a 509(a) supporting organization under IRS regulations established to advance Whitman-Walker Health’s mission of caring for the community. The Institute provides mission-critical support to Whitman-Walker Health through expanded research, education, policy and advocacy initiatives.

Job Summary

The Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer (ED/CLO) reports to the CEO of Health System and is accountable for the overall leadership, financial management, and learning agenda of the Institute. The ED/CLO will also serve as a key strategic advisor and senior leader within the Health System’s management team to advance Whitman-Walker’s vision for the future. 2

Primary Essential Duties

Relationship with Institute Board of Directors

 Serves as management’s primary point of accountability for the Institute’s overall performance against established strategic goals and objectives.

 Actively engages in all aspects of strategic planning with the Board of Directors under the direct supervision of the Health System CEO.

 Ensures that policies adopted by the Board of Directors are operationalized in an effective and efficient manner.

 Evaluates internal and external forces that impact the Institute’s ability to successfully fulfill its mission and, where appropriate, recommends specific planning options to the Board of Directors to further the Institute’s role within the Health System and in support of Whitman-Walker Health.

 Provides timely information briefs and programmatic updates on emerging research, education, and policy advocacy developments and topics so that the Board of Directors can stay apprised of the health care landscape.

 Analyzes key federal and local government policy, funding, legislative and regulatory matters that impact the Institute and, where appropriate, recommends specific public positions to the Board of Directors.

Management and Operations

 Effectively oversees the day-to-day operations of the Institute either directly or through the Health System’s management team.

 Assumes overall responsibility for the proper administration of all personnel policies and programs and, when necessary, oversees the implementation of new or revised Board-approved policies and procedures.

 Competently manages personnel and systems consistent with the Institute’s overall strategic direction and approved policies and procedures.

 Establishes a dynamic workplace culture that places highest value on advancing knowledge with integrity and purpose consistent with the Institute’s mission.

 Provides timely leadership, advice, and/or counsel on employee recruitment/retention matters, orientation/training/professional development, compensation (wage and benefits) administration, employee goal-setting and performance review, and other key employee relations matters.

 Collaborates with the Chief Health Officer of Whitman-Walker Health on the planning and implementation of the Institute’s annual learning agenda in support of Whitman-Walker Health’s care model.

Quality Assurance and Learning Integrity

 Manages the development of systems and reporting practices to effectively monitor the progress and impact of the Institute's research, education and advocacy initiatives.

 Utilizes quantitative and qualitative analytics to assess the impact of the Institute’s initiatives on Whitman-Walker Health’s care model.

 Provides timely reporting, assessments, and recommendations on all federally or privately funded research efforts to the Board of Directors.

 Reinforces the importance of continuous learning across the Health System and in support of Whitman-Walker Health's care model with a special emphasis on expanding knowledge of cultural competency and humility in all research, education, and advocacy initiatives.

Financial Management

 Responsible for overseeing the development, preparation, and formal submission of the Institute’s annual operating and capital budgets to the Board of Directors and in consultation with the Health System CEO.

 Effectively oversees day-to-day operations of the Institute’s annual learning agenda with special emphasis on sound financial management practices of individual studies, trials, and grant agreements.

 Actively monitors actual monthly financial performance to budget and, where appropriate, implements specific initiatives to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses.

 Appropriately allocates resources and operates within such available resources pursuant to the Board of Directors’ approved operating and capital budgets.

 Identifies and assesses specific business diversification opportunities and makes formal recommendations to the Board on individual opportunities that can contribute to furthering the Institute’s mission.

 Responds timely to funding and other opportunities and plans appropriately for future events and opportunities.


External Affairs

 Serves as a highly effective spokesperson and thought leader for the Institute to both internal and external stakeholders.

 Advances the Institute’s mission and brand in community through formal participation and presentations at various local, national, and international research, education, and policy advocacy venues.

 Establishes standards and practices for issuing public statements, in consultation with the Health System CEO as well as the CEO, Chief Health Officer, and the Chief External Affairs Officer of Whitman-Walker Health.

Legal, Compliance and Risk Management

 Creates a strong culture of compliance, ethics, and integrity for the Institute through the adoption and implementation of an effective compliance and risk management program.

 Ensures compliance with all programmatic, financial and governance requirements for publicly and privately funded research and education initiatives.

 Establishes standards and best practices for ongoing research studies, clinical trials, and grants management consistent with applicable public and private funder requirements.

 Oversees the development and implementation of an annual compliance and risk management plan in consultation with the Senior Director for Compliance and Risk Management that identifies the Institute's areas of significant risk and develops actions to mitigate such risk.

Principal Working Relationships

 The ED/CLO reports to and is directly accountable to the CEO of the Health System. The CEO in turn is responsible for providing ongoing feedback to the ED/CLO about the Institute’s overall performance, governance matters, and other Board expectations related to the ED/CLO's leadership. The CEO is responsible for completing an annual performance review of the ED/CLO's leadership for each calendar year.

 The ED/CLO effectively communicates with the Health System CEO, the Institute’s Board of Directors, and key senior leaders including the CEO and Chief Health Officer of Whitman-Walker Health.

 The ED/CLO is accountable for the overall performance and supervision of the Institute’s workforce.

 The ED/CLO is a key member of the Health System’s senior leadership team.

 The ED/CLO interacts regularly with members of the community, public and private funders, academic institutions, and payers in the marketplace to the Institute’s mission.

 The ED/CLO maintains healthy, constructive relationships with other research, education and advocacy organizations, government, and other key stakeholders so that the Institute’s mission can be advanced consistent with the overall vision of the Health System.

Management Responsibilities

 Direct supervisory authority over the Institute’s management team and, in consultation with the CEO and Chief Health Officer of Whitman-Walker Health, other key Whitman-Walker employees engaged in research, education, and policy advocacy initiatives throughout the year.

Leadership, Knowledge, and Skills and Talent Requirements

•Knowledge of the local health care delivery system and relevant research, education, and policy advocacy priorities within the communities served by Whitman-Walker Health with a special emphasis on queer communities and other groups that face various challenges in accessing care.

•Ability to conduct sensitive, empathetic interactions that respect the dignity and diversity of all Whitman-Walker stakeholders--most notably, patients/clients, research participants, and employees - including factors such as race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and expression, gender identity, and HIV status.

•Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team structure by demonstrating ability to collaborate and contribute to the team’s work.

•Ability to manage time and effort in order to meet strategic objectives.

•Knowledge of principles and processes for providing excellent customer service, both internal and external.

•Knowledge of all applicable Institute’s and/or Health System’s policies and procedures.

•Excellent oral and written communication skills.

•Excellent public speaking skills.


•Analytical skills necessary for the preparation of accurate, concise and comprehensive reports.

•Ability to maintain records and information in an accurate, timely and confidential manner.

•Ability to adapt to changes in overall program and strategic priorities based on new developments within the Institute and in response to emerging community need.

•Flexibility to work various hours--including afternoon, evening and weekend—to participate in both internal and external meetings, conferences, and special events.

Education and Experience

•MBA, MD, ScD, or PhD in health care, public health, clinical education, or public policy required.

•At least five (5) years' experience in research, education, and/or advocacy leadership roles with demonstrable responsibilities for program management, supervisory, budgetary, and board relations responsibilities required.

•Experience leading a diverse workforce with dignity and respect required.

•Demonstrated experience with timely problem identification and resolution within a complex business environment.

•Ability to collaborate with diverse groups of individuals across cultural, racial/ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation and expression, and other factors required. Working knowledge of current health care, public health, and wellness issues for metropolitan Washington’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning communities preferred.

Working Conditions

•Working conditions for this position are normal for an office environment. Individual may be required to work evenings and / or weekends and organization events.

Physical Demands

•Lifting: No more than 20 lbs. and infrequently.

•Movement: Standing and sitting for long periods.

•Visual: Long periods on computer.

•Concentration: Extended periods of engagement with computer systems where concentration is key to accuracy in data entry. Intermittent periods of engagement with a telephone system to respond to inquiries where concentration is key to task performance.

•Communication: Direct and indirect communication. Written and verbal competency.

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Whitman-Walker is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants, its employees or former employees on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status and gender identity. For accommodation in the application process, please contact Human Resources

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