Senior Procurement and Logistics Officer

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Job Code: 1492
# of openings: 1




Sometimes in life t here is t hat moment when it's p ossible to make a c hange f or t he b e tter. This is

on e of t hose momen ts." -Eliz abeth Glaser


The Elizab e th Glaser Ped iatric AI DS Found a tion (EGPAF) see ks to e nd p e d iatric HIV/AI DS t hrou gh resear c h, a dvocacy, and preven tion and treat me nt programs. We are a global lea der in t he fight against p e diatric HIV and AIDS, wor king in 15 c o un tries a nd at 7,000 si t es aro u nd t he wor ld to prevent t he transmission of HIV to c hil dren, a nd to help those alre a dy HIV in fect e d. Today, because of the highly s uccessful work of t he Found a tion and its par t ners over the last 25 years, pedia tric AIDS has been virtually eli min a ted in t he United S tates and new infec tions in c hil dren have declin ed by 58% world wide.


EGPAF Ug a nda Country program scope i nvolves: 1) t he USAID Regional Health In tegrat ion to Enh a n ce  Services  in t he Sou th West Uganda  proje ct th at aims to in c rease t he  availability, accessibility, a nd q uality of i n tegra ted health services in clu ding HIV a nd TB pre ven tion, care and treatment; ma ter nal, n eonatal, and c hild hea l th services; family p lan nin g; n u trition assessment and counseli ng and su pport; malaria p revention a nd treatment; a nd o th er primary care services.

2) The Op timi zing HIV Treatme nt Access amo ng pregn a nt women (OHTA) in 8 dis tricts of So u th

West Ug a nda; and 3) EL M A - f u n d ed Un finis h ed b usiness pro ject th at focuses on closing t he Ad ult- Pedia tric ART gap; and 4) Saving Lives at Bir th th at foc uses on Develo pment of a Model for Natio nal Scale - up of t he Pratt Po u ch to Expand In fant Nevira pine Pr o phyl a xis in Uganda, Prevent Mother - t o - c hild Tr a nsmission of HIV, a nd Save I n fant Lives.


EGPAF th ere fore seek to hire a suit a ble perso ns to p erform t he below roles.




JOB TIT L E:                                                    Senior Pr o c urement and Logistics O fficer

DU TY STA TI ON:                                           Mb arara

R EPO R TING RELA TIONS:                          The Pro c u reme nt and Logistics Manager




Job Summa ry


Under direct s upervision of Procurement a nd Logistics M a nager, t he person will su p port all pro c urement activit ies f or the Fou n dation, e nsuri ng all are d o ne ethically, a nd in com plian ce with EGPAF Policies a nd pro cedu res, Gover nment laws, and D o nor Rules and Regulat ions.



K e y Duti es a nd Respon s i bi l iti e s:


Procure goo ds and services according to est a blish ed EGPAF a nd d o nor pro c e dures, f rom prep aration of t e nd ers a nd administrat ion of fair and tran s pare nt com pet i tive pro cesses, th rou gh prep aration of t horou gh and com plia nt pro cure ment documentat ion, to i n clu de ven dor vetting and sele c t ion docume n tation, bid a nalyses, a nd Local P urchase Orders (LPOs) and c o ntrac ts, f or managem e nt review. Assist to develo p, mai ntai n, and mo nitor EGP AF pro c ureme nt plan(s).Assist to develop Basic Ord ering Contracts for ro ut i ne services & su p plies. Assist in mo nitoring deliveries, and facilit a te t he quali ty a nd qu a nt i ty con t rol of pro c u red goo ds and services. S u p port fin a n ce to facili tate t he t imely payment of vend or i nvoices with ap propriate su p port i ng docume nts. Participate in t he c o nt i nu o us im provement and st a nd ard i z a tion of pro c ureme nt systems with in EGPAF. Prepare and s hare wee kly repor ts with the p rocurement manager on the status of pro c u reme n ts carried out by t he d e p artment. Set re -or der levels of stock items a nd sup port p rodu cing of stock usage rep orts, coo r din a te sourcing st rategies and develo pme nt of supply base. Assist in monitoring all pro per t ies for mai nt e nan ce req uirem e nts, work with appro pria te ven dors for main t e nan ce, repair, a nd /or disposal of EGPAF prop erty, arra nge f or pro perty disposal, review and com pile month ly repor ts. Pe r form other rela ted d uties and activities as assign ed




Skills, K now l e d ge a nd A bi l ity


M ember of the C hartered Inst i t u te of Procu reme nt and Su pply (MCIP), with a Bachelor’s degree in Procureme nt, Logis tics, Sup ply Manageme nt or any related field from a recogniz ed Universi ty. Master’s degree in Procurement and Logistics M a nageme nt, OR any relat ed field will be an ad d ed advan tage.7 years’ experien ce in ma naging pro c u reme nt and logistics in a rep u table organ i zat ion (NGOs) preferred. U nd erstand i ng of NGO / Don or policies a nd regula tio ns. Personal values;  Hi gh l evel of integr ity, hones ty, tra nsparen cy, i nter p ersonal a nd commu nicat ions skills at all levels, analytical mind a nd logi cal pro blem solvi n g. A bility to work with limi ted supervisio n. A bility to use pro c ure ment so ft w are will be an ad d ed adva ntage.




Employee Status


  • Full Time Employee


Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is an equal opportunity employer


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